Upcoming Photo Exhibition

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that my photo exhibition is coming up.

The show itself is on from June 1 through June 21 in the Clarence Tillenius Gallery, 2nd floor, Assiniboine Park Pavilion.

Most importantly, the reception will be on Thursday evening, June 4th, from 7 – 9pm. I really hope you can make it.  Snacks and beverages will be available.

There will be 29 pieces on display, all taken in Assiniboine Park throughout the seasons.  Only 3 pieces, in a different format and size, have been shown previously so it is virtually all new stuff.

Please bring a friend or forward this invitation to anyone you think might be interested.

For information go to http://bit.ly/art_show

Boreal Forest – Before and after




Sometimes you make an image and when you first look at it, you think; not what I saw when I took it.  The before image is what my initial attempts to turn it into something resulted in.  I brightened it a bit and increased the contrast and increased the shadows.  It still didn’t look very good.

A few years later, I took another look at it.  After a lot of additional work, I ended up with the ‘after’ version.  I think it looks a whole lot better and has become one of my favourite images.  I was able to bring out the structure in the clouds and selectively increase the brightness of certain parts of the image.  Now it kind of pops for me.


Sometimes an image has to percolate for a little while before you see the potential in it.